Larry Anderson's Visit with The Indiana Board of Pharmacy

Larry Anderson, Father of Ashleigh Anderson, spoke to the Indiana Board of Pharmacy on Monday, April 15th to spread awareness of pharmacy's unsustainable work environments.

On Monday, April 15th, Larry Anderson spoke in front of the Indiana Board of Pharmacy to speak about his daughter, Ashleigh Anderson, and how understaffing and high-stress working environments weigh on pharmacists' mental health.

Ashleigh graduated from Purdue University and began working at CVS shortly after. On September 9th, 2021, Ashleigh suffered from a heart attack while working at the pharmacy, while waiting for her replacement to take over after experiencing chest and jaw pain. Ashleigh was a 41-year-old healthy individual with no comorbid conditions including heart disease or hypercholesterolemia.  

Larry Anderson, with his visit to the Board's meeting, wanted to spread awareness of the stressful working environments of pharmacies and put forth a call to change. During his speech, Larry Anderson introduced laws recently passed in Ohio that put limitations on continuous work hours, required mandatory breaks, and prohibited the use of production quotas.

You can view his full presentation here (starts at the 2-hour mark).



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