Non-Traditional Pharmacy Professional Development Links and Topics

The following is meant to expand the horizons of the student and practicing pharmacist. The goal is expanded knowledge and opportunities for entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial minded individuals.

ASHP Continuing Education 
Disease State Management, Patient Safety, Immunizations, Compounding, Pain Management, Ambulatory Care, Anticoagulation Management, Career/Professional Development, Clinical Pharmacy Practice, Controlled Substances, Covid 19,  CV/Pulmonary/Anticoagulation/Diabetes, Diabetes Endocrine, Diversity/Equality/Inclusion, Drug Management/Infectious Disease, Informatics/Technology, Leadership/Management, Med Therapy Management, Medication Safety, Oncology, Patient Care, Pediatrics, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Students, Professional Development, Psych/Neurology, Public Health/Wellness, Quality Assurance, Residents, Specialty Pharmacy

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 
Educational Topics (biosimilars, COVID-19, digital therapeutics, formulary & utilization management, health disparities, health technology, legislation & regulation, managed care practice issues, payment systems, quality of care, real world evidence and research, speciality pharmacy, value-based care, value-based contracts), disease state resources (alopecia areata, breast cancer, geographic atrophy, HIV, immunoglobulin, migraine and cluster headaches, oncology, psoriasis, spinal muscular atrophy), drug product pipeline resources, group resources, publications (DEI glossary, format for formulary submissions, legislative & regulatory briefings, etc).

American Academy of Clinical Pharmacists 

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists 

Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist 
Integrative National Colleges/Institutions
American College of Lifestyle Medicine 
Lifestyle Medicine and Food as Medicine, Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine, Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine, BOARD REVIEW COURSE, Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies, Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Prevention and Longevity, Food as Medicine: Nutrition for Treatment and Risk Reduction, Food as Medicine: Calorie Density – Simple Powerful Approach, Food as Medicine: Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum, Remission of T2 Diabetes and Reversal of Insulin Resistance, Dosing of Health and Wellness Coaching for Obesity and T2D, Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies – Nutrition, Physical Activity, Health and Wellness Coaching, Sleep Health, Mental Health and Emotional Well Being -  Mindfulness, Tobacco Cessation, Alcohol Use, Weight Management

Institute of Functional Medicine 
EXAMPLE CATEGORIES – Introduction to Functional Medicine, Lifestyle: The Foundations of Functional Medicine, Bioenergetics, Applying FM in Clinical Practice, Advanced Practice Modules – GI, Environmental Health, Cardiometabolic, Immune, Hormone, Intermittent Fasting,
Cornell University – Medicinal Plant Certification 

Non-Traditional Pharmacist Websites
Non-Traditional Pharmacist website 
Industry Pharmacist Association 
Consultant Pharmacist  
Pharmacy Data Analyst 
Government Pharmacy Positions 
Specialty Pharmacist certification program 
Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance  
Pharmacogenomics Training 
Nutrigenomics Training 
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

Facebook Pages
Holistic Pharmacists  
Functional Medicine Pharmacists 
Nutrigenomics in Pharmacy 
Free Pharmacogenomics Course 
Industry Pharmacist Organization 
The Athlete's Pharmacist
Consultant Pharmacists and Entrepreneurial Pharmacists 

Non-Traditional References


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