Corporate Membership


Regardless of the size of your company, we have a membership that will suit your needs. Our Corporate Members are both health care and non-health care companies who are interested in investing in the mission of IPA. Register today and start reaping the benefits of an annual IPA Membership for your company. 
*Contact IPA office at to register as a corporate member.  Also, contact us to discuss memberships beyond the Sustainer level. 
Benefits Affiliate Advocate Promoter Sponsor Sustainer
Pharmacist/Associate Memberships

5 Active Pharmacist/Associate Memberships
Unlimited technician memberships

20 Active Pharmacist/Associate Memberships 50 Active Pharmacist/Associate Memberships 100 Active Pharmacist/Associate Memberships 200 Active Pharmacist/Associate Memberships
Corporate booth discount at IPA Annual Meeting Not available 25% corporate booth discount 50% corporate booth discount One corporate booth One corporate booth, premium location
Annual Meeting registrations Not available 50% for 1 registrant 1 registrant 1 registrant 2 registrants
CEImpact Subscription for Pharmacists/Technicians Up to 5 pharmacists, unlimited technicians Up to 20 pharmacists, unlimited technicians Up to 50 pharmacists, unlimited technicians Up to 100 pharmacists, unlimited technicians Up to 200 pharmacists, unlimited technicians
Ability for employees to serve on IPA committees Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Current Value* $2,840 (ex. enroll 5 pharmacist & 5 technician memberships) $9,232.50 (20 pharmacists, 10 technicians) $22,125 (50 pharmacists, 25 technicians) $43,500 (100 pharmacists, 50 technicians) $85,350 (200 pharmacists, 100 technicians)
Corporate Rate (You Invest) $500 $1,500 $3,000 $4,500 $6,000

* Current value based on following:
Individual Pharmacist Membership - $235
Individual Technician Membership - $45
Exhibit Booth - $1150
Annual Meeting Registration - $250
CEImpact Subscription for 1 Pharmacist - $129
CEImpact Subscription for 1 Technician - $59
Service on IPA Committee (ability to influence direction of IPA) - $500


Our Mission:

To be the voice and advocate for the profession of pharmacy in Indiana.

Our Vision:

To lead the advancement of Indiana Pharmacy by promoting legislation and innovations that optimize patient care, safety, and the health of our communities.