IPA Board Meeting & Orientation

Wednesday, May 15, the Indiana Pharmacy Association's new Board of Directors for 2024-2025 met for the first time. Chelsea Baker, IPA President led the meeting which included a team-building activity, orientation, and discussions about goals for the upcoming year.

On Wednesday, May 15, the Indiana Pharmacy Association's new Board of Directors met for the first time for the first meeting and orientation. We would like to thank Carol Ben-Davies for leading a strength-based activity during the first half of the meeting. Darren Covington presented an orientation to the new board and IPA's President Chelsea Baker then led the discussion about the goals of the new board and ideas for the upcoming year. 


The Board identified the top three goals it wants to focus on in the coming year:

- Advocating for reimbursement for clinical services and practice advancement

- Becoming the top resource in Indiana on information about pharmacy practice

- Taking tangible steps to address workforce and workplace challenges


Your IPA Board consists of:


Chelsea Baker, IPA President

Ryan Ades, President Elect (also Legislative & Regulatory Council Co-Chair)

Rick Koomler, Treasurer

Stephanie Arnett, Past President

Staci Marie Norman, District Director 1

Tara Jellison, District Director 2

Mary Escalanate, District Director 3

Corey Fortwendel, District Director 4

Ryan Engleking, District Director 5

Wendy LeMasters, IACP President

Kate Riddell, IAIP President

Leslie Durham, IANTP President

Bryson Tretter, IASP President

Kellie Knight, ISHP President


Ex-officio non voting members:

Academy President-Elects:

Laura Sosinski (IACP; also Health Equity Council Co-Chair), Andy Campbell (IAIP), Molly Corder (IANTP), James Patton (IASP), Rachel Kruer (ISHP; also Membership Council Co-Chair)


Council Co-Chairs:

Mona Gupta & Brock Davis (Education), Dawn Moore (Membership), Sara Trovinger (Legislative & Regulatory), Molly Nichols & Jacob Zanolla (New Practitioner), Matt Williams & Kajal Ooka (Technician), Lynn Thoma (Health Equity)


Pharmacists Education Foundation President Dan Degnan (also APhA HOD representative)


APhA HOD Representative Veronica Vernon



Our Mission:

To be the voice and advocate for the profession of pharmacy in Indiana.

Our Vision:

To lead the advancement of Indiana Pharmacy by promoting legislation and innovations that optimize patient care, safety, and the health of our communities.